About Us

TopCat Companies deliver an integrated oilfield solution for your well servicing needs in East Texas.

Topcat Well Services

Historically, TopCat Well Service operations have targeted the East Texas region, providing workover and P&A services to its customers.  Apart from the Texas Railroad Commission, many of our customers are regional, independent oil and natural gas companies.

TopCat Well Service growth strategy is to continue to expand our operations by leveraging our solid relationships with existing East Texas customers. We intend to expand coverage as our customers encourage us to provide additional workover and P&A capabilities in East Texas.  We further intend to selectively add rig equipment that complements our existing equipment/operations. We have the capability and expertise to operate multiple rigs simultaneously across Texas.

Topcat Waste Management

TopCat Waste Management Facility provides our customers advanced oilfield disposal services in a safe, dependable, and environmentally friendly manner. We utilize the latest technology to better serve our customers and provide a streamlined truck turnaround, which helps reduce our customers’ truck wait time and transportation costs.

Our facility accepts drilling waste (cuttings and mud) and completion waste (frac sand and other wastes) and processes all types of oil and gas waste. We utilize a state-of-the-art centrifugal process where waste streams are separated into three elements: solids, water, and oil. Our six-acre footprint allows us to have one of the largest oilfield waste disposal processing facilities in our region.

Focusing on environmentally friendly processes and dedicated to the safe and efficient processing of your oilfield waste - TopCat Waste Management Facility is the premiere oilfield waste disposal site in Northeast Texas.

Topcat Oilfield transport

TopCat Oilfield Transport (TCOT) efficiently transports and disposes of oil and other liquid waste in East Texas. We are committed to providing our customers with dependable oilfield transport services while understanding the time-sensitive needs of your operation. TopCat Oilfield Transport ‘s team of experienced, and highly trained professionals will transport on time and according to DOT and RRC regulations.

TCOT owns, operates, and maintains a readily available fleet of trucks delivering to 7 active disposal facilities – Bumpas and Andrews SWD’s located near White Oak, TX, Camp SWD located near Kilgore, TX, Ray SWD in Gilmer, TX, Clements SWD in North Longview, Woodbine in Nacogdoches, TX and Waterhouse located in Center, TX.  Our business is geared to saltwater and flowback from the oil and gas fields in the East Texas area, but we also stand ready to transport all liquids from oil and gas business.

At TCOT, we care about the environment and that's why we pump fluids back into a geologic formation.